Coming, a Prayer for Advent

Come to us, Lord Jesus,
in every purple-patterned life,
every wrap of loving arms
in shivering December.

Come to us in the midst of our preparations,
in spite of our preparations.

Come, Lord Jesus,
not just to those we can see
in this warm, comfortable place,
but come to all your children.

Come to your children
in places where the land is
parched with drought
or cracked with ice,
where lines are drawn
with terrifying precision
between one ethnic group and another,
between those whose hands have the power
to open bags of grain
and those whose hands hold nothing.

In your spirit of healing and wholeness,
redeem and transform our world.

Come to your children whose cries
echo through the darkness for you.
Come to open the ears of our hearts,
so that we can hear your morning call.
Come to shake us awake and nudge us to the dawn,
so we may shine reflections of your light.

Come by here . . . and there . . . and there.
“O come, O come, Emmanuel.”

This post originally appeared in Prayers & Litanies for the Christian Season by Sharlande Sledge.

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