Church Marketing and Account Service Representative

Job Description: Smyth & Helwys Publishing produces books and Bible study materials for individuals and churches under its imprints NextSunday Resources, Smyth & Helwys Books, and Peake Road Press. We are currently seeking a full-time Church Marketing and Account Service Representative with responsibilities in individual and church sales, church account tracking, order entry, and participation in marketing and sales strategies.

Candidates must possess strong verbal and written communication skills, meticulous attention to detail and time management, good organizational skills, a sense of pride in work, and an overall positive outlook. Applicants must demonstrate essential computer skills along, including proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) with the ability and willingness to learn. The possibility for travel exists, though it will be limited.

Function: Full-time, in-house position with responsibilities in supporting the work of the Finance and Sales division, with responsibilities in customer service, sales, and support. This position reports to the Vice President–Finance. Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

Account Service and Marketing

  • Work with Production team in creation and management of curriculum advertising.
  • Serve as a first-line of support by phone, email, and web for all customer service sales.
  • Research potential new church clients, send sample kits, and provide necessary follow-up by email and phone.
  • Enter all orders into inventory management systems and track available stock.
  • Serve as a representative of Smyth & Helwys, displaying courtesy, tact, consideration, and discretion in all interactions with other members of the Smyth & Helwys community and with the public.


  • Post payments to customer accounts.
  • Provide sales and inventory reports to management team.
  • Consult and assist in sales strategies across all brands and products.
  • Travel as necessary to participate in meetings, conventions, workshops, training events, and promotional activities.
  • Provide assistance to the Vice President–Finance and the Publisher, upon request and with discretion.

All applications must include education and employment histories and provide three references. Email cover letter and resume to