Celebrate Freedom

cf_color_lgIntroducing Celebrate Freedom, the first VBS designed to help children learn Baptist distinctives (youth and adults too!). If your church has used any of our other VBS programs, you are already familiar with the low-cost and easy-to-administer approach we take.

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All These Materials are Included!

  • Administrative Guide
  • Bible Activities Teaching Materials
  • Projects Teaching Materials
  • Story Time Teaching Materials
  • Music Teaching Materials
  • Preschool Teaching Materials
  • Youth Teaching Materials
  • Adult Teaching Materials
  • All needed handout pages
  • T-shirt silk screen patterns
  • Promotional helps
  • Free color logos at website

Convenient Single Book design!

All the above materials (except the folders) are provided in 1 book. The rights to reproduce all materials in the book within your church are given, so you can make leaders copies of just the sections you need.

Baptist Principles for Children!

We’ve made the freedoms found in Baptist life sound so stuffy that it’s hard to imagine teaching them to children. In Celebrate Freedom, we use language and activities that kids understand to help them learn about Baptist freedoms. A central story taken from Baptist life helps introduce children to real men and women who helped us shape our Baptist life together. Our “beach party” motif helps keep their attention and makes promotion easier.

How Do You Teach Your Children Baptist Principles?

“Mommy, why do people call us Baptist? What does it mean to be a Baptist?”

If you’ve ever thought about teaching Baptist distinctives to your children, you probably wondered how to do it. Adults have a habit of making ideas too complex for children, and talk of Baptist distinctives sounds, well… boring.

Celebrate Freedom is a new VBS that believes Baptist distinctives are both important, and interesting! We’ve gathered games, activities, stories, music and projects that help young minds discover the fascinating heritage of Baptists.

Each day, Celebrate Freedom focuses upon a different Baptist distinctive. Then, children rotate between 5 different areas: Bible activities, stories, projects, music, and recreation/snacks.

Using a beach party theme, children will learn of Baptist heroes (these stories are even more interesting than we remembered!), sing songs about freedom, faith, and the Bible, and discover that being Baptist is not only important, but a lot of fun!

Daily Scriptures and Themes

Purpose: To help children understand Baptist Distinctives.
Learning Motif: A beach party.

Day One

I Am Free to Learn from the Bible
Theme: Bible Freedom (Hebrews 4:12
Baptist Hero: Ann H. Judson

Day Two

I Am Free to Know God
Theme: Soul Freedom (Matthew 16:15)
Baptist Hero: Clarence Jordan

Day Three

My Church Is Free
Theme: Church Freedom (Romans 12:4-5)e
Baptist Hero: John Smyth & Thomas Helwys

Day Four

Freedom of Belief Is Good for Everyone
Theme: Religious Freedom (Joshua 24:15)
Baptist Hero: Roger Williams

Day Five

I Am Free to Tell Others about God
Theme: Missions and Evangelism
(Matthew 28:19-20)
Baptist Hero: Lottie Moon

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