Connections 07.28.2024: Among So Many

The needs in the world today are overwhelming. That’s the bad news. The good news (sort of) is that this is not news.

Connections 07.21.2024: Shepherds and Sheep

How many shepherds do you know? I don’t know any myself. In fact, I rarely see sheep.

Connections 07.14.2024: Who’s in Charge Here?

Our Connections texts this week show the challenge of living faithfully when we have leaders who reject God’s way.

Connections 07.07.2024: Relationship Agreements

The separation between church and state is in the news again (spoiler: some people believe there should be no separation).

Connections 06.30.2024: God’s Anointed One Grieves

During high school, I worked weekends and summers at the Little White House in Warm Springs, Georgia.

Connections 06.23.2024: Stones, Sling, and the Spirit of God

After a few weeks with Samuel, the story of Israel and our unit of Connections now have a new main character: David.

Connections 06.16.2024: Get Over It

From his youngest days, Samuel has been a messenger for God, first delivering God’s words to his mentor Eli, then to the people of Israel, then to Israel’s first appointed and anointed king, Saul.

Connections 06.09.2024: God Gives the People a King

Communities need perceptive, intelligent, compassionate, wise individuals to make big decisions on the community’s behalf and take responsibility when things go wrong.

Connections 06.02.2024: Train Up a Child

Samuel’s calling is a seemingly simple story. A young person serves with dedication, learns from his mentor, hears and responds to God’s call

Connections 05.26.2024: One Step Forward

There are a lot of ways we can end up doing a job, whether in our secular work or in our faith life.

Connections 05.19.2024: The Gift of the Holy Spirit

In this passage from the beginning of the Christian church, one of Jesus’s kindest promises is gloriously fulfilled.

Connections 05.12.2024: Out of the Crowd

This story of the calling of a new twelfth disciple may be familiar to modern readers of Acts, mostly for the manner in which the disciples decide between the two candidates, Justus and Matthias.

Connections 05.05.2024: We Are Witnesses

I knew a woman who had been a dancer. Later in life, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and as the disease took its physical toll.