Brokenness, a Prayer for Lent

God, it takes courage to be the creatures
you made us to be.

Year after year we add to our experiences of the world,
pushing against our limits
to find out what will budge and what will not.

We find that we can make certain things happen,
and we can prevent other things from happening.
We can make friends, and we can make enemies.
We can say “yes,” and we can say “no.”

God, we confess that we get so carried away
that we begin to think we are in control of our lives—
until something happens.

God, we are tentative before you,
confused in the clutter of our abandoned dreams
and tattered faith,
worn out by our efforts to improve the world,
cramped by responsibilities,
and lost in an ocean of time.

In our brokenness we turn to you.

Resurrect the shattered pieces
into a stronger whole.

Take the fragments of our faith,
and in your mercy, Lord,
redeem them and make us whole.

This post originally appeared in Prayers & Litanies for the Christian Season by Sharlande Sledge.

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