Lost in Maples

They wander, these children of mine. They wander and they wonder, and then boom, you take them out of their comfort zone and here comes the whining.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Memories do fade, but some stick with you. Sunday mornings are times that I remember, and I’m not talking about church. Now, before you start to judge in any way, the experiences that I have and have had at church stick with me also. But not all of them.

Rhythm Nation

I’m looking for some rhythm. No, unfortunately not cool rhythm like Janet Jackson. I just need structure. In all areas. STAT. It’s an Emergency. I told my husband this, and he informed me that there is Emergen-C up in the cabinet and I should probably take some because my cough sounds so horrible.

Questionable Parenting

Ever question your parenting? You should. Now, don’t go freaking out on me, wringing your hands, and running for the closest parenting book. I have a few confessions to make. These moments are brought to you by me, my husband Matt, and our lovely children.