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Being Right in a Wrong World

by Michael D. McCullar

James Teaching Guide
Paperback | 160 pages
Retail Price: $14.00
ISBN: 978-1-57312-604-5

James Study Guide
Paperback | 90 pages
Retail Price: $6.00
ISBN: 978-1-57312-605-2

Brief Description

James wrote in an extraordinary time in history and to a unique people. Unlike Paul, who wrote primarily to congregations defined by Gentile believers, James wrote to a dispersed and persecuted fellowship of Hebrew Christians who would soon endure even more difficulty in the coming years. James’s letter had a two-fold intent:

1) Encourage these new believers to remain strong in the face of increasing persecution.
2) Equip them to continue in the faith throughout eras of hardship.

If the dispersed believers lived exemplary lives among unfamiliar people in new areas, they could be living witnesses to the reality of Jesus as the Hebrew Messiah. According to James, the way of God is accepting the reality of persecution and applying faith to each and every instance. This “holification” of suffering that had been modeled by Jesus could indeed provide excellent witness to the reality of their faith. As James “tells it like it is” he consistently offers paths to effective living that can only be accessed through a personal relationship with God.

About the Author

Michael D. McCullar is the executive pastor of Johns Creek Baptist Church, Alpharetta, Georgia. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama-Birmingham, New Orleans Baptist Seminary, and Oxford Graduate School. He is the author of Sessions with James, Sessions with Corinthians, Sessions with Timothy & Titus, A Christian’s Guide to Islam, and co-author of Building Blocks for Sunday School Growth and Sessions with Mark.

Annual Bible Study Resources

James Teaching Guide

The Teaching Guide includes suggested worship outlines for both traditional and contemporary worship services, approaches for leading group discussions, and teaching plans for adults, youth, and children.

James Study Guide

The Study Guide helps learners understand the biblical background of James, how to interpret it, and its basic theological themes. Each session features thoughtful questions for reflection and discussion.

Annual Bible Study Bundles

ABS James Study Guide Bundle
Includes 10 copies of the James ABS Study Guide
Retail Price: $60.00 • Online Price: $37.50
ABS James Teacher’s Bundle
Includes (1) James ABS Study Guide, (1) James ABS Teaching Guide, (1) Hebrews-James: Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary by Edgar V. McKnight & Christopher Church, (1) Reading Hebrews-James by Marie Isaacs, (1) James from the Review & Expositor
Retail Price: $102.00 • Online Price: $92.00

Table of Contents

Session 1: Trials and Temptations on the Way to God
(James 1:1-27)
Session 2: Me versus Myself versus I
(James 2:1-26)
Session 3: Words and Wisdom
(James 3:1-18)
Session 4: You Gotta Serve Somebody
(James 4–5)
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