A Spirit Prayer

O God,

Thank you for
your Spirit that is

with us,
within us, and
among us.

Thank you for your grace
in which you send your Spirit

to lead us,
to teach us,
to comfort us, and
to challenge us.

Keep us constantly aware
of your Spirit’s presence.

Help us listen.

Thank you for the spirit that we are;
thank you for the spirit that defines us.

Thank you for who we are
in the depths of our being.

Make us aware of the spirit within.
Keep us aware of the spirit within.
Increase our awareness of the spirit within.
Help us listen to the spirit within.

And let the spirit that we are grow and
expand in the ways that help us best
love you, love others, and love ourselves.

Thank you for the spirit of your creation.

Thank you for the world, the solar system,
the galaxy, and the universe in which we live.

Make us sensitive to what causes your
creation pain and sorrow, and help us
move away from such attitudes and actions.

Make us sensitive to what brings your
creation joy and peace, and help us
move toward such attitudes and actions.

Let our motives, our thoughts,
our words, our choices, our decisions,
and our deeds grow out of an
ever-increasing sensitivity to
the partnership of your Spirit,
our spirits, and creation’s spirit.


This post originally appeared at Prayer 365.

Michael Ruffin is husband to Debra and father to Joshua (Michelle) and Sara (Benjamin). A graduate of Mercer University and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he has previously served as a pastor and as a university professor. He lives on the Ruffin Family Farm in Yatesville, Georgia. You can visit and communicate with him at MichaelRuffin.com. He is the Connections Series Curriculum Editor.

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