A Prayer for the Gullible

Canola Field

O God,

Sometimes I am going to be gullible. Sometimes I am going to be too trusting so that I too easily believe what someone tells me.

I suppose I should ask you to keep me from being gullible. But something else seems more important.

Keep my gullibility from being motivated by fear or anger. Don’t let me believe those who confirm and feed my fears. Don’t let me listen to discouraging naysayers.

Instead, let my gullibility be motivated by love and hope. Let me be quick to believe those whose words are inspired by love and driven by hope. Make me willing to believe those who believe that things can be better and who want to make things better.

Don’t let me be too gullible.

But when I am, let it be for the right reasons.


This originally appeared on Prayer 365.

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