A Prayer for the First Night of Fostering Placement

Yesterday, I was someone different. Today, I am a parent. Tomorrow is yet unknown. In all of it, I am yours, God.

Lord, grant me the grace I need to know that I am a new part of this child’s story, and there is more to them than I see or understand.

Lord, help this child to feel safe here, to rest easy, to gather in sleep what they need to survive and thrive another day. Though it is scary for them, guide their heart towards trust. Help them to experience moments of true joy, and let those moments multiply in our time together that is to come, however long or short that may be.

Like manna, you do not give grace in a lifetime supply. You continually provide it one day at a time in perfect portions. Help me trust that you have given me and my child exactly what we need to flourish, just for tonight. Tomorrow is another day.

Thanks be to God.

This post originally appeared in Fostering Hope: A Prayer Book for Foster and Adoptive Families, edited by Robert W. Lee.

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