A Prayer for Parents Waiting-to-Be

O Holy God,
It is the time of waiting.
We are waiting,
Promising a good life filled with love to this little one we can only imagine.
This little one who is not real until the phone rings.
This little one who may be growing even now, nurtured in a birth mother’s womb.
Give us patience to wait.
Give us strength to keep hope.
Comfort us in the longing we hold deep inside.
Grow our hearts so that they might have endless room for this coming new life.
Remind us of the joy that led us down this path to begin with.
Let that spark a flame that continues to burn day and night, night and day,
Until the hour finally arrives and we hold our precious little one for the first time.

This post originally appeared in Fostering Hope: A Prayer Book for Foster and Adoptive Families, edited by Robert W. Lee.

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