A Prayer for Freedom

O God,

footprint_sand_2384090_mdWe thank you that in Christ,
we are free under grace.

We thank you that as Americans,
we are free under the Constitution.

Help us as Christians, who
also happen to be Americans,

not to use our freedom
as an opportunity to sin,

never to use our freedom
as an excuse to do harm to others,

never to regard our freedom
as more important than that of others,


always to use our freedom

to love,
to accept,
to understand,
to help.


This post originally appeared at Prayer 365.

Michael Ruffin is husband to Debra and father to Joshua (Michelle) and Sara (Benjamin). A graduate of Mercer University and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he has previously served as a pastor and as a university professor. He lives on the Ruffin Family Farm in Yatesville, Georgia. You can visit and communicate with him at MichaelRuffin.com. He is the Connections Series Curriculum Editor.

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