A Prayer for Ferguson


O God,

We don’t have to tell you that the city of Ferguson, Missouri is coming apart at the seams.

Please give the people there peace with justice and justice with peace.
Please cool the passion and lessen the tension in that community.
Please protect those who are making a good faith effort to restore order.

When the immediate crisis has passed, give the community leaders the wisdom to do the hard work of trying to address the problems and issues that had been lying beneath the service awaiting the event that would cause them to erupt.

Please help the family of Michael Brown.
Please help police officer Darren Wilson and his family.

Forgive those who are using this crisis to gain profit for themselves, be it in obvious ways such as looting or in more subtle ways such as promoting some agenda. Help them to turn away from their sins and to become a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

Remind us that our town could be the next Ferguson. Give us the courage and strength to look hard at our own community’s situation in order to identify the underlying issues and tensions that could, given the right spark, erupt into violence and chaos. Give us the grace and wisdom to work together to try to find solutions and then to take actions to implement those solutions.

Help us to see things from the perspective of others.
Help us to pray, talk, serve, and work together to make things better.
Help us to develop relationships of such quality that when a crisis arises in our community our immediate response will be to work together to make things better rather than to work separately to make things worse.

Bless the community of Ferguson.
Bless the community where we live.


This post originally appeared on Prayer 365.

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