Flame: God as our Anchor Craft and Prayer Activity

by Mina Munns

Here is a prayer activity that older children could do independently to help them think about trusting in God for their strength. It could be used especially if you were exploring stories that involve the sea or storms!

Crossroads: Our Burdens

by Jessica Asbell

When I was a kid, we went to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home. It was also a farm, and you could carry water, rake, hoe, and do other chores to see a bit of what it was like for the slaves who lived on the farm.

Formations 07.12.2020: Forgiveness and Moving Forward

by Darrell Pursiful

Benjamin Watson, retired football player for the New England Patriots, has said that he forgives former teammate Drew Brees for insensitive remarks about protests involving the American flag.

Connections 07.12.2020: “Such Great Crowds…”

by Kelley Land

The parable Jesus tells in today’s text is about soil, but I can’t get past the crowds. Can you picture them? Can you see Jesus surrounded by people who wanted to hear him speak?

What I Wish the Evangelical Church Would Believe About Me

by Chris Cox

Here is what I wish my friends in the evangelical church would believe about me (for that’s the only person I can speak of) as someone who has gone outside the doors of that brand of Christianity: It was never about leaving Christ.

Of Course, You’ll Have the Good Taste Not to Mention that I Spoke to You

by Bert Montgomery

You may have already recognized that the sermon title is taken from one of the greatest, most socially relevant, and downright funniest movies ever made: Mel Brooks’s Blazing Saddles.

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