5 Guidelines for Building a Racially and Culturally Diverse Church Staff

by Tony Mathews

One of the best ways to communicate a goal of racial and cultural diversity is to have a diversified staff. Actions do speak louder than words.

In the Meantime, Part 4

by Melissa Fallen

One of the down sides of unemployment is that people think you must have nothing to do. You may get requests for childcare or lunch meetings or house sitting that you have zero interest in doing.

Crossroads: God Is Our Refuge

by Jessica Asbell

I was terrified of thunderstorms as a child. The thunder would get so loud that I just knew something bad would happen to me.

Formations 01.31.2020: A God Who Speaks My Language

by Darrell Pursiful

When I teach Old Testament, I ask my students whom they would cast as God in the six-day creation story in Genesis 1. The answers are usually actors with a deep, commanding voice.

Connections 01.31.2021: Not Taking Evil for Granted

by Michael Ruffin

Jesus’ miracles had a purpose: they announced that God’s reign in the world had arrived in Jesus. So when Jesus cast evil spirits out of people, it was an announcement that God’s power to defeat evil was with Jesus.

Putting on Layers

by Lance Wallace

Since October, my church has been meeting for socially distanced, fully masked, outdoor worship at 10 a.m. each Sunday.

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