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Formations 06.05.2016: All You Have to Change Is Everything You Are

by Darrell Pursiful

Why are so many celebrities willing to sacrifice who they are in order to achieve success and fame? Jan Aitken, a life coach based in Dunedin, New Zealand, recently pondered this question after watching a documentary about Janis Joplin, a stellar blues singer.


Connections 06.05.2016: Perhaps…

by Kelley Land

I read the Scripture passage for today’s lesson and thought, “Well, that’s cheerful.” Of all passages in the Bible, the hardest ones for me are those that speak of God’s laying waste to lands and people and animals—sometimes, it seems, indiscriminately.


Of Spirit and Mind: A Pentecostal’s Battle Against Depression

by Ryan Beaty

She stopped eating and looked at me. “Are you serious?” She was more commenting than questioning. “Why would you go see a counselor? They don’t have any wisdom. They can’t help you. Are you depressed?”


A View from the Pew: Flag Waving

by Lance Wallace

Making the ultimate sacrifice is a central theme if not THE central theme of the Christian faith. It’s no wonder that the patriotic holiday Memorial Day resonates so deeply with churchgoers.


Crossroads: Don’t Give Up!

by Jessica Asbell

When we were kids, my sister hated school. She didn’t want to do her homework or study, and so there were a lot of times when she didn’t understand things. But when she was in Middle School, she had a really hard time with math.


Formations 05.29.2016: Asking and Listening

by Michelle Meredith

Ernesto Sirolli is widely renowned throughout the world as an expert in economic development. He has led successful International Aid efforts in communities in Zambia, Kenya, Algeria, and other African countries to develop sustainable economies.

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