Crossroads: God Is Our Refuge

by Jessica Asbell

Last week our devotion was on times when it seems like God isn’t there. This week’s psalm is a reminder to us that God is always there and that God is our refuge.

Formations 10.31.2021: Rhythms of Creation

by Darrell Pursiful

I grew up in the suburbs, but my parents both grew up in rural Kentucky, and that’s still where a lot of my cousins live. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve sitting at my Aunt Myrtle’s table.

Connections 10.31.2021: Make a Move

by Katie Cummings

My friend Maren used to live by what we kids called a “hanging tree” or “screaming tree.” There are a few of these around my hometown of Beaufort, SC, all large oaks with a sturdy branch growing horizontally over the road.

Fight or Flight

by Steve Pressley

“No one ever loathed conflict more than Jesus.” So observed Randall Lolley as he addressed the congregation on Sunday morning, in the early months of his First Baptist Church pastorate in Greensboro.

Time and Patience

by James A. Autry

In my work with mediation and conflict resolution, there are two major tools: time and patience.

Crossroads: Where is God?

by Jessica Asbell

When I was a child, bad thunderstorms used to terrify me. The rain was okay, but I was very afraid of the thunder and the lightning. Thunderstorms that happened at night were always the worst. There was no way I could sleep during them.

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