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Helping Each Other Grieve

by Hardy Clemons

As well as being a joyous time, Christmas can be difficult for people touched by tragedy or loss in the past year. Grief is isolating. While the rest of the world seems to be celebrating, tragedies years and decades old resurface.


As Slow as Christmas

by Michael Ruffin

It was late on Christmas Day; the sun had set and my parents and I were somewhere between Yatesville and Barnesville on our way back home after the day-long celebration of Christ’s birth through the eating of food and the exchanging of gifts.


Thrive: The Gift of Acknowledgement – Amy Shorner-Johnson

by Baptist Women in Ministry

During the Christmas season, we often talk about loneliness and remembering those who are marginalized, those who might also feel abandoned as they get lost or overlooked.


Crossroads: The Candle of Joy – Shepherds

by Jessica Asbell and Kevin Head

During the third week of Advent, we light the Shepherds candle, the candle of Joy. You will also be lighting the first two purple candles (the candle of prophecy and the Bethlehem candle).


Formations 12.21.2014: City Rallies around “Ugly” Tree

by Darrell Pursiful

Yesterday was officially Charlie Brown Day in Reading, Pennsylvania. It all started in November, when the ground was too wet to get a truck close to the Christmas tree the city had already picked out from a nearby farm.


Uniform 12.21.2014: A Shepherd’s Memory

by Kelley Land

We sat in the grass watching the sky, tired and dirty from a long day. My friend and I propped our staffs on a leaning tree and breathed the cold. The sheep, like white patches of fog, slept around us, quiet.

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