The Helper’s Paradox

by Judson Edwards

Ministering from a stance of personal deprivation is both foolish and ineffective. That is why the Helper’s Paradox is important to remember: The best way to take care of others is to take care of yourself.


A View from the Pew: Not Everyone Can Go

by Lance Wallace

We are in the season of mission trips. Churches across America are sending members to a variety of ministry opportunities around the world and undertaking projects close to home.


Crossroads: Giving

by Jessica Asbell

One of my favorite stories of giving comes from one of the children at church. At six years old, she received a dollar from the tooth fairy for losing a tooth. But she didn’t use that money to buy something for herself.


Formations 07.05.2015: Unspeakable Tragedy

by Darrell Pursiful

What does one do in the face of unspeakable tragedy? In the weeks to come, Rev. Goff will have to deal with the hurt, anger, frustration, and despair of an entire congregation, and entire city, and even an entire country.


Uniform 07.05.2015: The Stranger Among Us

by Kelley Land

You are sitting with your friends, getting ready for Bible study. It’s a weekly event that you all look forward to—good company along with spiritual growth as you learn about God together. A visitor walks in.


Busy Is the New Black

by Kimberly McClung DeVries

If you’ve spent much time around little people, you know that they are perfect mirrors of life around them. Just when I think I’m behaving well and providing a good example, my son will do something that is undeniably me.

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