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Indian Senior Lady


by Gail G. Mesplay

Most of us can remember the exact moment when we looked in the mirror and saw our first gray hair or the first noticeable wrinkle on our face. We were still young, perhaps only in our twenties.

Microphone Against Audience

A Prayer for Discourse

by Michael Ruffin

O God,
We are in the midst of a presidential election season.
It’s been ugly. We expect it to get uglier.


Crossroads: The Lord’s Prayer

by Jessica Asbell

Jesus says to ask God for what we need. He tells us to be bold and ask! Here’s the thing: it never hurts to ask for something. You may ask your parents for a new Xbox One and they may say no.


Formations 07.31.2016: The Things that Drive Us

by Darrell Pursiful

Even though I grew up in the Midwest, my family roots are in Kentucky. It’s where most of my extended family lives, where I attended seminary, and where my thoughts always turn on the first Saturday in May.


Connections 07.31.2016: Seasons of Spiritual Life

by Kelley Land

One of my favorite contemporary Christian artists is Nichole Nordeman. Her songs range from poignant reflections on the seasons of life to grateful awe to bold declarations of uncertainty and doubt.


A View from the Pew: Less Summer to Do Summer Ministry

by Lance Wallace

If you have school-aged children in your life, it’s no secret that summer isn’t what it used to be. Here are five tips to ease the pressure and help your children’s spiritual formation remain at the top of your summer priority list.

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