Crossroads: The Body of Christ

by Jessica Asbell

Ephesians 4:1-16 Your Story Tell your family about a time when you had to work together with others as a team to be able to get something done. Were you able to do that thing alone? How did it feel working together as a team? How did you feel after you all got it accomplished? […]


Formations 08.09.2015: Who Is My Neighbor?

by Michelle Meredith

Before joining the Smyth & Helwys Publishing team last month, I was an elementary teacher and Teach for America corps member in the Mississippi Delta for two years.


Uniform 08.09.2015: A Choice to Be Just

by Michael Ruffin

In the 1984 film Mass Appeal, the older priest is a “Don’t rock the boat” sort while the younger man fervently believes that the boat really needs to be rocked–if not sunk.


Connections is Coming!

by Michael Ruffin

Beginning with the January–April 2016 trimester, the Uniform Bible Study series will become Connections. You may wonder what will change besides the name. Well, not much—at least not right away.


Jesus’ Use of the Psalms

by Stephen P. McCutchan

For ordinary Christians who experience opposition and negative feelings, we are invited to bring the full breadth of these experiences into the realm of God.


Crossroads: Roots

by Jessica Asbell

Today’s Scripture is all about our roots growing in God’s love. How do you feel about your life’s roots? Have they grown deep in God’s love?

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