Pray-Her: Let Us Pray

by Starlette McNeill

Let us pray. The words are familiar to us but the practice of conversing with the Divine is still unsettling, unrealistic, and even unusual for many believers. Like the children of Israel, we would rather someone pray for us.


Flame: Easter Cards

by Mina Munns

We made Easter cards last year and, when I got the Easter box down this week, I found we had loads of materials left so we did it again.


Crossroads: Palm Sunday

by Jessica Asbell and Kevin Head

I love celebrations. In particular, I love birthdays. I love finding the perfect present and celebrating who that person is. I love my birthday as well, but it’s always a little odd to me.


Formations 04.05.2015: Easter Faith

by Darrell Pursiful

The resurrection of Jesus is Christianity’s greatest story. It is the event that set in motion everything believers hold to as distinctively Christian.


Uniform 04.05.2015: Of Resurrection and Moon Landings

by Bonnie Chappell

On this Sunday, a high holy day for Christians around the world, many Americans will observe a holy moment in pop culture: the premiere of the final season of Mad Men.


March Magic

by Steve Cothran

Underdogs. Last second shots. A “Cinderella Story” in the middle of March Magic! That’s right. Not March Madness. This is March Magic. Specifically, March 19. Magic.

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