Thrive: Two Sons – Allison Kentle

by Baptist Women in Ministry

Can you just picture the scene one Saturday morning? Everyone is in the kitchen. One teen is sitting on the counter, pop tart in one hand, texting with the other hand. The other sits at the kitchen counter eating a bowl of cereal, headphones on.


Crossroads: Experiences of Grief – Mary, Martha

by Jessica Asbell and Kevin Head

One of the saddest experiences in life is when someone or something we love dies. I remember the first time one of my pets died. Blackey was our family cat.


Uniform 09.07.2014: Rebuilding

by Bonnie Chappell

When my great-great grandparents settled in Middle Tennessee, they found a farm in the small community of Mona and built a house for their family. Robert and Ella Barrett spent many happy years in that farmhouse with their fourteen children.


Formations 09.07.2014: New MLB Commissioner to Take Office Next Year

by Darrell Pursiful

Last month, Major League Baseball named former league chief operating officer and labor lawyer Rob Manfred to be the tenth commissioner in the sport’s history, replacing Bud Selig. Manfred will officially take the reins in January.


A View from the Pew: “Back to Church” Season

by Lance Wallace

As a child, the most dreaded words uttered every July on the commercials interrupting TV reruns were “Back-to-school sale.” Like the first few bars of “Jingle Bells,” heard nowadays in late September, that phrase was the harbinger of homework, research papers, and exams.


Flame: Creation Story Circles

by Mina Munns

I get really excited by visual ways of telling stories, so I thought I’d make some for us to use. I chose to use cork and paper as we are trying to get away from plastic, if possible!

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