Flame: Loom Band Prayer Bracelet

by Mina Munns

I finally cracked and bought some loom bands this week. It’s always great to use something children already enjoy to help them experience prayer, so here’s an idea for making loom band prayer bracelets (without the loom)


The Decision Paradox

by Judson Edwards

People seldom have to choose between right and wrong. Once upon a time, not long ago it seems, I embarked on a journey to be a pastor. I felt call to do battle with the forces of evil in the name of God.


Thrive: Enter Life – Lauren Brewer Bass

by Baptist Women in Ministry

Jesus often confused people. These words confused his listeners then and continue to confuse us today. To smooth out that confusion, most people decide that Jesus was using hyperbole, exaggeration, to make a point. But was he exaggerating?


Crossroads: When You Fight With Your Siblings – Jacob and Esau

by Jessica Asbell and Kevin Head

My sister was born when I was 7. I’m pretty sure her first phrase was directed at me and was “you’re not my momma.” We have had a love/hate relationship ever since, as most siblings do.


Formations 07.27.2014: A Cup of Cold Water

by Darrell Pursiful

This may come as news to some people, but it gets hot in central Georgia in the summer. Temperatures can hover in the 90s (or higher) for days on end, and the humidity can go through the roof.


Uniform 07.27.2014: Feeling Left Out

by Bonnie Chappell

Because I don’t belong to a tradition that incorporates the speaking of tongues into worship or private devotion, it’s tempting for me to skip over Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 14. “That doesn’t apply to me,” I want to say.

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