Mending the Saints: Teaching That Helps Us Heal

by Carol Davis Younger

If you polled your congregation about why Sunday school matters, would they agree that it does? Would specifics about class content rank high on their response list?
“I love studying those dietary laws in Leviticus.”
“Learning that the Corinthians had more problems than we do actually helped us.”


Be an Easter Person All Year Long

by Jeanie Miley

What do we do, after Easter? Can we really just walk away from the whole experience, putting away the stuff of Easter and going back to business as usual? Doesn’t it mean more to us than that?


A View from the Pew: Dressing for Success … in Worship

by Lance Wallace

It is news to no one that church culture has shifted radically in recent years in most every area, from worship style to attendance. One such cultural move is toward more casual fashion choices by church goers. Only the most traditional of us pew sitters insist on wearing “Sunday clothes” anymore.


Thrive: Intentions vs. Legalism – Kristy Bay

by Baptist Women in Ministry

Student ministry is my passion because I love watching students grow emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. But student ministry is not for the faint of heart. One of the most important things I have learned about meeting a new group of students is how to sort them into three categories: the literalists, the intentionalists, and the politicians.


Formations 04.27.2014: Go and Tell

by Darrell Pursiful

The Gospel of Matthew ends with two unique passages. In the first, Jesus’ opponents attempt to invalidate the reports of his resurrection by bribing the soldiers who stood guard at the tomb. In the second, Jesus meets with his disciples in Galilee and gives them his Great Commission to make disciples in all the world.


Uniform 04.27.2014: Good Things and Bad Things

by Kelley Land

One of my favorite television shows, Doctor Who, follows a time-traveling alien who appears at some of the most crucial moments of history and attempts to right wrongs or redirect paths. Instead of dying from injuries or old age, he regenerates into a man with a new face and personality who still remembers everything he has done.

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