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Game of Thrones & Christians: What’s a Christ-Follower to Do?

by Laura Barclay

A family member of mine recently sent me this article (“Can a Christian Watch Game of Thrones?”) and asked me to respond. The author argues that the show contains sex, violence and power struggles without the obvious good versus evil struggle contained in works like the blatantly Christian Lord of the Rings where the reader knows who will win.



by Gail G. Mesplay

Many mornings when we check the news, the headlines announce an event that will alter the course of our lives. If you had the power to change one headline that has occurred in history, what headline would it be?


Crossroads: Giving

by Jessica Asbell

One of my favorite stories of giving comes from one of the children at church. At six years old, she received a dollar from the tooth fairy for losing a tooth. But she didn’t use that money to buy something for herself.


Formations 07.03.2016: Breaking the Cycle of Failure

by Darrell Pursiful

She’lah Shreve is a graduate of George W. Carver High School in Birmingham, Alabama and is soon to begin his studies at Lawson State Community College. There was a time, though, when it looked like he would never graduate at all. Tenth-grade chemistry threatened to be She’lah’s downfall.


Connections 07.03.2016: Beneath the Surface

by Kelley Land

“A World Gone Wrong.” What a timely unit for these difficult days in our world. If you’re like me, you check the daily news with a guarded heart. In the past several weeks, I’ve read about a mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub, politicians smearing each other’s campaigns, and social media users cursing each other out for personal stances.

round stones for meditation on blurred background

Nine Helps for Teaching

by Brian Foreman and Bo Prosser and David Woody

It’s summer. Families are traveling and the youth you do have are drowsy, but the following nine guidelines will help you build toward meaningful teaching and learning in the classroom.

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