Lost in Maples

by Katie Sciba

They wander, these children of mine. They wander and they wonder, and then boom, you take them out of their comfort zone and here comes the whining.


Pew Potatoes

by Ronnie McBrayer

My grandmother lived her entire life on a farm. First, it was cotton, then it was soybean, and finally it was cows and chickens. I spent every summer of my childhood and teen years on that farm, working in my uncle’s chicken houses, chasing stray cows, bailing and stacking hay.


Thrive: When Did We See You? – Cynthia Insko

by Baptist Women in Ministry

Back in 1994, I received an invitation that changed my life. I was serving as campus minister in a city that housed a cutting-edge research clinic for the treatment of AIDS.


Crossroads: Habakkuk – Praising God when Hungry

by Jessica Asbell and Kevin Head

“Mom, how much longer until supper’s ready? I’m starving!” Have you ever said something like this to your mom or dad? I remember one time when I was young and my grandparents came to visit.


Formations 11.23.2014: Curators of Reputation

by Darrell Pursiful

These days many job-seekers turn to professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Quora to burnish their personal brand and make connections with possible employers. But what if their networking platform were actually sabotaging them rather than helping them?


Uniform 11.23.2014: A Step in a New Direction

by Kelley Land

On April 15, 2013, thousands of runners participated in the annual Boston Marathon. Most of them had trained for weeks, building up their bodies for the strenuous race. They had persisted, getting up early to run each morning, improving their pace and hoping for a personal record.

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