10 Things the Church Could Learn from Parks and Rec

by Chris Cox

On Tuesday night this week, Parks and Recreation aired the final episode of its seven season run. The writing is fantastic. The ensemble, led by Amy Poehler, is one of the funniest and deepest casts on TV.


About Those Sins

by Michael Ruffin

At the end of his song “These Days” the prophet Jackson Browne sings, “Don’t confront me with my failures; I had not forgotten them.” Preach it, Brother Jackson! I haven’t forgotten mine, either.


Flame: Psalm 23 – Overflowing Cup

by Mina Munns

Verse 5 of the twenty-third Psalm speaks about the overflowing cup that God gives and this craft is a way of exploring and thanking God for His many gifts. Each creation will be unique!


Crossroads: Never Again

by Jessica Asbell and Kevin Head

How many times have we said “never again?” I’ll never eat there again. I won’t eat THAT again. I’ll never lie again. I’ll never go there again. I’ll never stay there again. We tend to say “never again” a lot.


Formations 03.01.2015: Prepare for the Worst

by Darrell Pursiful

It may be tempting to get lost in the maze of end-times teachings that often accompany a text like this. For you and your class, it may be just as easy to dismiss the entire thing as irrelevant speculations with no clear application to the world in which Christians live.


Uniform 03.03.2015: Baptized by the Spirit

by Kelley Land

Do you have a baptism story? I do. I was ten, and I remember facing my baptism with a mixture of excitement and dread.

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