Every youth group is unique, and sifting through activities to find something that works for your group each week can be exhausting.

A View from the Pew: 7 Reasons I’m Thankful for My Church

by Lance Wallace

Though retailers would rather this time of year be known as “Christmas Shopping Season,” the American holiday of Thanksgiving is worth our time and energy as its own distinct observance.

Love and the cross metaphor

Can’t Help Falling in Love

by Kimberly McClung DeVries

If you’re like me, you’ve been in church a long time. You’ve seen the good and bad, the highs and lows, and in many ways, your church experience might best compare to a long marriage.


Crossroads: Thanksgiving

by Jessica Asbell

This is a time when families gather together around a table filled with food, and remember all of the things for which they are thankful. Some years it’s easy to remember the blessings you’ve been given. But other years, it seems as if nothing has gone right.


Formations 11.29.2015: Only Light

by Michelle Meredith

On November 12, a crowded marketplace in the Bourg al-Baragneh neighborhood in Beirut was bombed, leaving hundreds dead and injured in the worst attack Beirut has seen in years.


Uniform 11.29.2015: Teaching God’s Word

by Michael Ruffin

When Paul’s missionary partners Timothy and Silas arrived in Corinth, they found him “occupied with the word” (v. 5; NRSV supplies “proclaiming,” which is not in the Greek text). What was he doing with the word with which he was occupied?

Canola Field

A Prayer for the Gullible

by Michael Ruffin

O God, Sometimes I am going to be gullible. Sometimes I am going to be too trusting so that I too easily believe what someone tells me. I suppose I should ask you to keep me from being gullible. But something else seems more important.

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