Every youth group is unique, and sifting through activities to find something that works for your group each week can be exhausting.

The Spiritual Significance of Star Wars

by Joshua Hays

The same excitement that makes Star Wars a great entry point to the rudiments of physics, for example, also makes it a great resource for spiritual reflection and discussion.


Bittersweet: A Meditation for Teachers

by Gail G. Mesplay

There are weeks, even months, when we look forward to arriving at school each morning. We open our doors and relish the start of a new day of learning and laughter with our students.


Crossroads: Ascension

by Jessica Asbell

New chapters are exciting, but also a bit scary. Moving to college was an important step for me, and it was part of being able to do things on my own. The disciples face a new chapter of their own that begins in the book of Acts.


Formations 05.08.2016: Tongues of Fire

by Darrell Pursiful

In today’s text, the Spirit comes attended by astounding supernatural phenomena that capture the attention of the pilgrims in Jerusalem. These phenomena do not automatically inspire faith, however; some onlookers wrote the whole thing off as the disciples simply being drunk.


Connections 05.08.2016: The Struggle for a Grateful Heart

by Kelley Land

Bold, shocking, and even offensive to some, Anne Lamott writes about the rawness of the spiritual journey—especially for a person who has lost much, made big mistakes, and still managed to find God in the process.


The Blessing of Changed Plans

by Kimberly McClung DeVries

I like plans. That’s no secret; my closest friends and family always rely on me to be the first to ask, “what are we doing next?” I plan and revise plans and talk about plans and write them on calendars.

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