Time and Patience

by James A. Autry

In my work with mediation and conflict resolution, there are two major tools: time and patience.


Faith Postures: Noticing When We Obstruct Christ

by Holly Sprink

I did something one weekend of which I am ashamed. I did something I can never take back and something for which I can never be sure of the ramifications.


Crossroads: The Lord Watches Over You

by Jessica Asbell

It’s almost Halloween, and this time of year tends to be a bit scarier than normal. People decorate their houses to look scarier, scary movies come on TV, and some people wear scary costumes on Halloween.


Formations 10.23.2016: A Festival of Giving

by Darrell Pursiful

Earlier this month, India celebrated its week-long festival of giving, Daan Utsav. This is a new holiday, first launched in 2009. It isn’t tied to any particular cultural or religious tradition, though an anonymous group of core volunteers manages the campaign.


Connections 10.23.2016: Lord of All

by Kelley Land

These are tough times to be active on social media. Hurricanes. Floods. Racially motivated riots. Shootings. LGBTQ rights. A more-contentious-than-usual presidential race.


Believing In Prayer

by Starlette McNeill

Do we really believe that God hears us when we pray? If so, then why do we say the same thing over and over again? “God is great. God is good. Let us thank God for our food. Amen.” Fourteen words. Sixty-six characters shy of the 140-character limit for a tweet.

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