Why I Am a Baptist: A Way of Being Christian (Part 1) – Daniel Vestal

by Baptist Deacon Network

Several years ago I took a mission trip outside the United States. In a casual conversation a young man asked me what I believed about God. Part of my response was, “I am Christian.” As the conversation progressed, it became clear that the word “Christian” has all kinds of implications.


A View from the Pew: The Fervent Chaperone

by Lance Wallace

Those minor inconveniences pale in comparison to the overwhelming benefits of giving up a few days of work or personal time to go to camp. This month’s dispatch comes to you live from PASSPORTkids Camp in Crossville, Tenn., where I’m wrangling four boys from Parkway Baptist Church.


Thrive: Surely Seven Is Enough – Lauren Brewer Bass

by Baptist Women in Ministry

One year, with Ash Wednesday approaching, I found myself stewing about words spoken to me by a friend (who is now my husband). He casually mentioned to me that I liked to hold grudges. (Um, what?)


Crossroads: When It Seems As If There’s No Hope – Hannah

by Jessica Asbell and Kevin Head

When I was 11, my world came crashing down. My mother and stepfather were divorcing, my church was breaking, and I didn’t have any friends at school. I felt as if things would always be this way—that there was no hope of anything being different.


Formations 08.03.2014: The Dangers of Success

by Darrell Pursiful

Most business owners assume that success comes in a series of steps, with each success leading their business to new heights. What many overlook, however, is that each new achievement also produces counterproductive forces that must be addressed.


Uniform 08.03.2014: The Consolation of Prayer

by Kelley Land

What is prayer? Depending on the circumstances, it can take various forms. Prayer is conversation, praise, or intercession. It’s a request (sometimes a demand!), a lament, or a rejoicing. It’s public and formal; it’s private and personal.

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