Brokenness, a Prayer for Lent

by Sharlande Sledge

God, it takes courage to be the creatures
you made us to be.
Year after year we add to our experiences of the world,
pushing against our limits
to find out what will budge and what will not.

A View from the Pew: Maybe Our Neighbors Would Rather Serve than be Served

by Lance Wallace

In recent weeks I have begun to wrap my head around the possibility that my approach to church outreach has been backward.

Crossroads: My Shepherd

by Jessica Asbell

Most of the time, I associate this Psalm with funerals. I don’t like to read this Psalm because it brings to mind sadness and pain. And yet, this Psalm is all about peace.

Formations 04.02.2023: Welcome

by Kelley Land

I have always loved the images describing Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem. It truly is triumphal. Crowds of excited people lined the street.

Connections 04.02.2023: Who Is This?

by Nikki Finkelstein-Blair

There are Scriptures we can hear spoken aloud in worship—and sung about in hymns—and acted out in children’s pageants—and taught about in studies and sermons.

Thou Shalt Remember Thou Art Creative

by Susan Sparks

The question I get more than any other—more than “What’s the meaning of life?”, or “Why do people suffer?”, or “Why are the New England Patriots so . . . them?”—is “Can I learn to be funny?”

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