Praying for a New Year… Literally

by Starlette Thomas

Is it over yet? Are we there yet? I didn’t want to open my eyes until it was safe. Is the year 2020 gone?

In the Meantime, Part 2

by Melissa Fallen

Last week we considered Entertainment and Physical Activity, two activities we might fill our time with in addition to job hunting while we are in between jobs.

Crossroads: Being Creative

by Jessica Asbell

As a child, I loved making up songs. I’d make up the tune as well as the words and sing these songs to myself as I played. Occasionally I even wrote the words down.

Formations 01.17.2020: A Christ of Cosmic Proportions

by Darrell Pursiful

There is a Latin aphorism from the earliest centuries of the church that has always resonated with me: lex orandi, lex credendi, “the rule of prayer is the rule of belief.” In a nutshell, this aphorism says that there is a deep connection between liturgy and faith.

Connections 01.17.2021: Leaving It All Behind

by Kelley Land

Have you ever left it all behind? I’ve come close a few times. The last few weeks of summer after senior year had me itching to go away. I was eighteen years old, a high school graduate, and accepted to my preferred university.

Faith, a Prayer for Epiphany

by Sharlande Sledge

God of life,
God of all our becoming
fearful years—
we praise you
for your faithfulness.

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