Failing Forward

by Kimberly McClung DeVries

When I was in high school, I played flute in the band. I was not musically talented. Perhaps worst of all, I didn’t really even have any great desire to be good at playing the flute.


Flame: Doubting Thomas, Recognizing Jesus

by Mina Munns

This Sunday we’re telling the story of Thomas. A lot of the time when we cover this story with children, we focus of the idea of faith and being able to believe even though we don’t see.


Crossroads: I Doubt It

by Jessica Asbell

When I was a child, we always played a game called “I doubt it” when we went on vacation. It was a card game and the point was to be the person who got rid of all of their cards first.


Formations 04.19.2015: Seeking Wisdom

by Darrell Pursiful

Who are the wisest people you know? More important, how did they get that way? A sociology professor at the University of Florida studies and writes on the topic of wisdom.


Uniform 04.19.2015: Recognizing Our Lies

by Bonnie Chappell

In 1 John 3, John encourages us to remember that we show our love through our actions. Our faith requires us to act in love, he says. In chapter 4, John raises the stakes.


But I Won’t Do That

by Ashley Robinson

Christians are weird. Don’t believe me? Go to a good ol’ foot washin’ service.

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