Of Scripts and Improvisation

by Michael Ruffin

If you have ever watched a Christopher Guest-directed film you know what a treat the experience is. Waiting for Guffman is about a small-town community theater troupe the members of which think that a Broadway producer is going to attend their production.


Praying the Scripture

by Darrell Pursiful

My college pastor once commented, “There is a difference between studying the Bible and meeting the Author.” How tragic when we forget that simple truth! Bible study is important, but what is most important is encountering God in the text.


Crossroads: I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

by Jessica Asbell and Kevin Head

I didn’t always feel pretty as a teenager. I went through the usual gawky teen phase, with braces and acne and glasses. There were times when I wished that I looked like someone else.


Formations 02.01.2015: Caring for Creation

by Darrell Pursiful

You might think environmentalists and religious believers have little in common. Though that might have been true in the past, in recent years, more and more evangelical Christians have taken steps to do a better job as stewards of creation.


Uniform 02.01.2015: To Fast or Not to Fast

by Kelley Land

I confess: I’ve never gone without a meal. In fact, I’ve never gone without a snack when I felt like I needed one. Fasting from food is something I’ve never seriously considered.


A View from the Pew – Eyes Wide Open

by Lance Wallace

There are many postures for prayer in Christianity, but nearly all of them involve closing your eyes. I followed the eye-closing rule for prayer in church dutifully until my twenties.

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