The Theology of Extremity

by Charles Poole

What matters most to God? In recent years that question has grown larger and deeper at the center of my soul. My struggle to discern what really matters most to God has settled around a rather unsettling phrase: “the theology of extremity.”


A View from the Pew: Mothers and Fathers

by Lance Wallace

Church is a place for celebration. That celebration gets tricky when we as the church are handed a set of holidays outside of our faith tradition and the Scriptures.


Crossroads: The Presence of the Holy Spirit

by Kevin Head

Several years ago on a weekend retreat, I gathered with a group of teenagers in a dimly lit room to share an Agape Love Feast. Earlier, we had set up the room with candles, a plate of bread, and a large cup of grape juice.


Formations 05.31.2015: Flip-Flop or Change of Heart?

by Darrell Pursiful

The few times I’ve been invited to take part in a council of ordination, I have always asked the candidate to talk about a time when he or she changed their mind.


Uniform 05.31.2015: The Greatest Gift Is Love

by Michael Ruffin

The church can and should be a community in which its members experience a taste of heaven right here on Earth. That is so because God is present in the church and where God is, God’s love is.


God in a Hurry

by Kimberly McClung DeVries

Recently, computer problems at work caused me to have to shut down my computer and restart it. This was a routine delay of two minutes, maybe three, while my computer reset and I reentered my password.

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